Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Be my Guest. . . . .

Which one would you rather like

1) Siddharth Basu’s Quiz Time (or) the star stud Amitabh Bachan’s “Who wants to be a crore pathi”?
2) Balamaurali Krishna’s "Swara Raga Sudha" (a program that brought together Carnatic krithis and cine songs that are in same Raaga- example "Aata Moti Kalathae" and "aadal kalaiyae devan thanthathu" are both in Raaga Charukesi) or any such current day programs should they exist?
3) World this week (or) any of the current 24/7 news cast
4) Good old oliyum oliyum (weekly once, 30 minutes, tamil songs with songs fully played out) as opposed to the myriad songs played all the time in the myriad channels that are played for 2 minutes max?
5) Chitramala (once a week programme that featured songs from all regional languages) or any such comparative programmes of today?
6) S.Ve. Sekhar's Vanna Kolangal, Mouli's Flight 172 (or) any of the current so called “comedy programmes”?
7) Balachander's "Rayil Sneham" (or) Suhasini ManiRathnam's "Penn" (or) any of the current serials?
8) Are there any programmes for hearing impaired today (as compared to Doordarshan's Sunday afternoon programme "news magazine for hearing impaired")
9) Do you have any current programmes similar to Sabira Merchant's "what is the good word?" ( you will be given a word and you need to get your team mate to say it by giving him synonyms that have to be strictly in line with the word)
10) How about any equivalents for "Science Quiz - Quest" (a live chemistry/physics procedure will be demonstrated and the teams would have to battle it to describe the phenomenon behind it)

and finally.....
11) which one would be etched on your mind long -- that famous last ball Six (or) the bowl out?

.....In the same vignette – the regular 5 day test match (or) the 50-50 one day (or) the T-20?

Case is rested

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

India - What's ahead......Ten Predictions

• There will be wide spread famine.
• There will be acute water shortage. Thefts and murders for water will happen
• We will have more drugs to take than we will have food to consume (health wise as well as food production wise)
• There will be a huge real estate market correction – either dictated by simple supply Vs demand economics, or due to natural factors (Tsunami/earthquake), or due to terrorism or due to certain sectors of the economy (IT/banking) collapsing.
• There will be an acute shortage of quality doctors, and nurses (quality as defined by correct diagnosis, correct treatment, ethics, integrity and other non-money factors). Same with civil engineers, electrical engineers, teachers, professors, and other professionally oriented people.
• The freedom of the press will deteriorate even further.
• There will be a trend among certain people to go back to basics and classics – be it in culture (Dress sense, music orientation etc) or construction (single family house versus duplexes)
• There will be acute shortage of electric power (especially if the current US-India atomic energy talks die and the plan to bring more advanced atomic energy methods and plants do not materialize)
• The disparity of income between rich and poor will become even more wider causing more issues on extortion, kidnapping and alike.
• In the absence of hybrid/fuel cell vehicle technology gaining mass prevalence, adaptation and affordability – Petrol/Diesel will be rationed (based on flawed variables like income levels)