Tuesday, September 04, 2007

India - What's ahead......Ten Predictions

• There will be wide spread famine.
• There will be acute water shortage. Thefts and murders for water will happen
• We will have more drugs to take than we will have food to consume (health wise as well as food production wise)
• There will be a huge real estate market correction – either dictated by simple supply Vs demand economics, or due to natural factors (Tsunami/earthquake), or due to terrorism or due to certain sectors of the economy (IT/banking) collapsing.
• There will be an acute shortage of quality doctors, and nurses (quality as defined by correct diagnosis, correct treatment, ethics, integrity and other non-money factors). Same with civil engineers, electrical engineers, teachers, professors, and other professionally oriented people.
• The freedom of the press will deteriorate even further.
• There will be a trend among certain people to go back to basics and classics – be it in culture (Dress sense, music orientation etc) or construction (single family house versus duplexes)
• There will be acute shortage of electric power (especially if the current US-India atomic energy talks die and the plan to bring more advanced atomic energy methods and plants do not materialize)
• The disparity of income between rich and poor will become even more wider causing more issues on extortion, kidnapping and alike.
• In the absence of hybrid/fuel cell vehicle technology gaining mass prevalence, adaptation and affordability – Petrol/Diesel will be rationed (based on flawed variables like income levels)


At 9/05/2007 2:27 PM , Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ganesh - Can you please point us to the source from where you picked this up?

Or - is it from some Astrologer :)

Very scary indeed.

I see several things already happening..

The disparity of income between rich and poor will become even more wider causing more issues on extortion, kidnapping and alike.

At 9/06/2007 12:56 PM , Blogger Ganesh Venkittu said...

the wall street journal published a series of articles....I dont want to cut and paste them here since they are copyrighted material and since WSJ is a subscription site, I cannot give a link either.

1) the first article talked about Punjab going extremely dry and IRRI ( international rice research institutes) have sucked the soil bone dry that the resources to get a crop to produce takes more money today than the yield.

2) there was an editorial just two days back about the current atomic energy talks in total bad shape due to leftists opposing it and its repercussions for a burgeoning economy

3) there was an article about growing jatropha a plant that gives out a seed widely seen as the next "ethanol" producing seed. In that article, there was a brief mention about Andhra Pradesh people who tried to produce corn to make ethanol getting beaten up/were told not to when they decided to sell the crop for ethanol as opposed to food for starving public.

4) the real estate collapse -- that translates to an article in 2000 about what was written about CISCO. IF a company grows on and on, then that company becomes the economy. That cannot happen ( reduction to absurdity) and so the company cannot grow indefinitely. The same with Indian real estate sector. If everybody buys land, prices go up, that means salary has to keep up, that means more jobs, that means more outsourcing, that means less space for companies to go into, that means cost of labor increases, that means companies pull out, that means recession, that means prices go down, and the market collapses.

5) The freedom of press -- we never had it in my mind ( we passed defamation bill and later rescinded it). The issues like Bihar police beating, I doubt if there will be good and accurate and unbiased reporting. Just look at sun tv -- till this time, did they even bother to show a picture of jayalalitha? now that DMK support is fading (after Maran got fired), they are portraying "neutrality" which is total rubbish to watch.

At 9/07/2007 12:31 PM , Blogger Narayanan Venkitu said...

I think it would be a good idea to give the source. Just a mention and link to WSJ ( just the regular website not the paid service)

It confused me and it might confuse other readers, who might think it's from an astrologer or it's your own thought!


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