Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What raaga is the song Rahasiyamanathu kathal

I normally dont write posts in English, neither do I welcome comments for my posts..

this one is different

My wife and I are engaged in a healthy debate over a music issue. If I win, I get nice Idlis + Carrot Halwa this forthcoming Sunday April/2/2006.

If she wins, I have to look out for some jewelry as well as finding someone who will stitch my wallet since forking money for that jewelry would invariably tear my wallet.

Anyway -- What is the Raagam for the song "Ragasiyamaanathu kaathal" in the film Kodambakkam. More importantly, whatever the Raagam you identify the song to be in, is the song 100% in the raagam (or) does it vacillate?

In order to not cloud your thinking, I am not giving what we are thinking it to be (INAM -- HDAM -- TAHW)


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