Thursday, August 30, 2007

India, Human Rights and Bihar incident

1) Go to
2) in search box, type the following phrase - bihar thief beating
3) click and watch the video.
4) Are you agitated? (or) are you happy that the thief got the punishment? Do you think he deserves it? What if he died? Would it have been covered up? or would it have been exposed? How many such incidents are happening everyday in India? who is responsible? Does anyone care?
5) Ask yourself the question -- what does this video say about India to the UN? What does it say to the world about us?
6) Go to and read Article 5 loud ten times. Understand what it means when it starts with "No one".

Bottomline -- We can publish videos of AR Rahman and other artistes performing "Jana Gana Mana". We can say "India Shining". The former president can speak about "Superpower 2020". But if we as a nation allow these barbaric acts from the very people who are supposed to protect the law and to serve, you fill in the blanks..

With Regrets for a great nation having such irrational people


At 8/30/2007 9:52 AM , Anonymous Mohandas Gandhi said...

IMHO - India has gone to dogs thanks to its people who are tolerant to anything..even if it comes to their lives.

Look at the things happening around India. It sucks big time. The economic growth is only in paper!

I would not be surprised if there is a revolution if things continue the way they are.

This is really brutal. I feel ashamed to call myself an Indian.

At 8/31/2007 6:37 PM , Anonymous ramu said...

there are too many inhuman things happening in india that are unknown to the world.


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